Lake Wedding – Meredith, NH

Wedding is the beginning of lifelong commitment and partnership with THE ONE you love.  Wedding is a glorious celebration of love.  Hailey and Mike celebrated their happily ever after story with their families and friends at their beach wedding in Meredith NH this September.  This wedding was held at a fabulous private property with a huge lake house and a absolutely amazing water front overlooking Winnipesaukee lake.  I was speechless.


Do you know what I like to photograph first when I arrive?  The details!  The rings, bridal bouquet, heels, bridal gown, groom’s tie etc.  The engagement ring is the one ties them together and leads them to this amazing day.  So, it should be photographed first.  Am I right?  I always look forward to it!  How could I create beautiful images in any situation, at any wedding as a wedding photographer? Be creative is a must to succeed!  I need to be creative with what’s available to me.  That is why I love being a wedding photographer!

Brides, listen up!  Here is a tip before your wedding day!  Communication is very essential to achieve the images you desire from your big day!  You need to tell your wedding photographer what kind of style you prefer for your images, such as bright and airy or edgy and moody etc.  So your photographer will know what and how to use lighting to achieve that.  Do you know using different elements and lighting also helps to create totally different mood?  Here is the prove.  The collages below show two different styles with the same rings from this beach wedding.


wedding rings photos from Meredith, NH beach wedding
wedding photographer in Sanborton, NH


wedding photographer in Lake Region NH
wedding photography Sanbornton, NH



This wedding day went beautifully and successfully, but not smoothly.  We encountered unexpected shower which led delay of ceremony.  We all just had to chill with a glass of wine and waited for it.  Well, not all of us, at least not me and my second shooter.  It’s perfect time to take more, more and more photos!  Yay!

As we say, “There is a rainbow after the rain.”  Yes, there was!  We had a stunning sunset with rainbow in it!  I was praising for a beautiful sunset because sunset photo was on bride’s MUST HAVE list.  Now, it was not just beautiful.  It was magnificent!  I know the ceremony is always the part that bride and groom are nervous about.  But it was effortlessly beautiful and sweet.  Guests were tearing up while admiring the bride walking down the aisle in her dad’s arm.  They couldn’t help themselves clicking photos with their phones.  This is one of my favorite photos.


photographer in Lake Region, NH
wedding photographer in Meredith, NH




And of course, here are some gorgeous romantic sunset photos from the MUST HAVE list.


wedding photographer in Lake Region NH
beach wedding in Meredith, NH






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