Looking for a Senior Portrait Photographer in Groton-Dunstable, MA area?!

Someone is graduating from high school and (s)he is not making their senior portraits?  That’s a far flung possibility.  At least in the U.S. everybody wants to frame the moments they are too proud of.  Most of us maintain a yearbook of our own and having perfect photos there is a big concern for all of us.  And I’m not talking about the conventional photographs with assigned studios.  I’m talking about custom portrait photographs that reflects your true personality, inner beauty, and attitude.  That’s where the professional photographers come in.

Why I should choose a pro to photograph my senior portraits?

The answer is simple.  We let the players play the game, the bakers to bake, and the plumbers to take care of our water lines.  It’s not like we ourselves can’t do any of these but if we do.  Will it be as perfect as the professionals?  Nope.  The idea is to let the pros do their work they are really good at.  So Let the professional photographer capture your memorable senior portraits!

Where should I find one?

Is that really tough?  I guess not.  I mean all the professional photographers have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest account these days.  So finding them won’t be too hard.  But wait!  You need to find one that’s right for you!  All social media sites hold their previous works.  So it’s really easy to see who has good and consistent work and whose style you like the most.  But social sites won’t provide you one thing.  A third party review.  For that you may consult with the Google.  A business’s reviews from Google Plus is clearly most people’s go to spot for reviews.  Have you heard of Thumbtack.com?  You’ll find that Thumbtack Inc. is a very authentic source of choosing a professional photographer or any other professionals.  Go to the site, choose the services you need, choose the area, and they will show you available photographers with all the details and reviews you need.

Q Hegarty Photography – Groton-Dunstable, MA area

You probably have heard the name already. Q Hegarty Photography, based in Reading, MA specializes in senior portraits, maternity and newborn babies, engagement, and children photo shoot. I have worked in many areas. And my next goal is working in Groton-Dunstable, MA. And why is that?  Well, I just happen to love this beautiful area and its people.  And I am considering moving to this area sometime this year!  So upcoming high school seniors in Groton-Dunstable, MA, brace yourselves, here comes a photographer who’ll help you catch the moments you’ll cherish forever, HA HA HA!!

Okay enough with the kidding, now let’s get down to business. There is a subtle question hovering around in your mind that why on earth should I choose Q. Hegarty where there are so many options available for me? I’ll answer that by drawing your attention to the following facts:

  • I am passionate and dedicated in my work.
  • I have a considerable amount of experience.
  • My portfolio speaks for me.
  • Nobody can do good in a work if (s)he doesn’t love to do it, and my work reflects my love for what I do.
  • Most of my clients are generous enough to leave reviews on my website which shows that I have a list of satisfied customers.
  • I have many reviews on Google Plus and Thumbtack which I am counted as a “Top Pro” there and hired 37 times from the site.

Having said all these I know of a fact all too well that you can’t judge a book by its cover. So let’s talk. And then decide for yourself. ☺

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