photographer Lexington, MA
newborn photographer Lexington, MA

What to Expect At a Studio Newborn Photo Shoot?

Having photos of your newborn baby is precious for keeping memories. You can also send photos to friends and family members who have not seen the baby yet.  Or maybe they are thousands miles away.  Being a professional photographer, I have worked with many families with newborns.  This particularly newborn session was for a family from Lexington, MA who welcomed their second baby.  Most parents have questions about a studio newborn photo shoot, so this post will provide you with more information about the shoot and what you should expect.

1. When Should You Book The Photo Shoot?

The best time to take photographs of a newborn is in the first 10 days. This can seem scary because your baby is so small. However, this time period is when most babies are their sleepiest and are flexible. This allows a photographer to take all the cute sleeping poses you have seen online. The best bet is to book your photo shoot before the baby is born to make sure that you have the session booked. If you are early or late, the session can be adjusted to match your baby’s birth date.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Taking Photos in The Studio?

Many parents are worried about taking their newborn anywhere.  You may be worrying if you should have a studio session.  A studio session would be perfect for you, especially if you are looking to have the more traditional posed style of photos.  As a newborn photographer, I have specific items to make the poses easier to produce. I also have props, cute outfits, bonnets, headbands and backgrounds that you can pick from. You also have a place to sit and relax during the photo shoot.  Also moms could use this time to get ready for family portraits at end of the session.

3. What To Expect During the Photo Shoot?

photographer Lexington, MA
Baby photographer Lexington, MA

Babies are unpredictable!  It is hard to say exactly how the photo shoot will go.  They can already show you their personality at this stage.  I offer a few sessions with different length that you can choose from. The amount of time you will need depends on couple factors.  First, how many photos you’d like to purchase at end?  Second, do you want only the newborn portraits or with family portraits as well?

How many good images will be produced from a session?  That will depend on how much sleep your baby’s going to have during a session.  It’s very normal that your baby needs to be fed and produce dirty diapers during a session, be settled and back to sleep.  I have encountered the situations that babies had accidents on blankets, mom and dad’s clothing.  So please bring everything extra, such as baby blanket, your outfits.

The room where I hold the shoot is warm enough to keep the newborn comfortable.  So you, as parents who wait in the room may want to wear layers because it might get too warm for you.

A newborn photo shoot is a fun way of showing your baby to the world and having wonderful photos that will last you a lifetime.  Look at these gorgeous newborn images from this Lexington family’s newborn session!  I forgot all my aches and pains from each newborn session when I look at my images after sessions.


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