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December is finally here again.  The weather is getting colder and breezier.  The Christmas is getting closer and closer.  And I was trying to recap what I have done for work last winter.  Then it hit me.  I never got chance to blog about this beautiful maternity photoshoot from last winter.

The months before the birth of a baby are very important for both of the parents.  Not just for the mother to be. They are magical months in which their lives are slowly changing due to a miracle.  So, it is not a wonder that both parents would love to have these moments immortalized in a set of beautiful photos.  Among others, I am a maternity photographer that can give parents this gift, before the birth of their child.  This is what I did for Tanya and Keith, a couple from Billerica, MA, who wishes to remember the last months of the pregnancy captured in images.

There are many ways of shooting a maternity photo session. However it depends very much on what the couples are looking for.  Of course. Tanya and Keith wanted an outdoor photo session for their maternity photos.  They were such a sweet couple who came all the way from Billerica, MA.  I just couldn’t say no, although I knew it would be quite cold outside when they booked it for last December.  Finally, after the unpleasant weather on weekends, we got a chance to shoot in this January.  I was still very worried for Tanya even though there were several rays of sun on that day.  The last thing I wanted was for her to get cold and sick.  Although it was hard not to respect their wish of having their photos taken in a natural environment.  Thus, I did my best not to keep her out for too long, having in mind that she did not want to wear a jacket during the session.

The gorgeous setting was provided by a local conservation land that is located in Reading, just at the end of the street where I lived.  The beginning of the winter is not necessarily the best time for taking photos.  The surrounding scenery was dull when it comes to vibrance.  But I tried to maximize the potential of the chosen location and delivered photos that would be much-appreciated by the couple.  I played with the presence of the sun’s light, which was striving to get through the thick branches of the trees.  It made Keith and Tanya appearing as being blessed, surrounded by a glowing aura.  And the flurries made it like more a fairytale.

The entire session was all about showing the incredible connection the two had, while surrounded by still nature.  You could almost see the emotion that was vibrating in the air, in the expectance of the magical moment of their child’s birth.  Tanya and Keith loved the photos.  They decided to book a newborn photo session afterwards.  Thus, another adventure is appearing in the horizon, another opportunity to capture moments from this couple’s most important chapters of their lives.

winter maternity photography in Billerica, MA
maternity photographer – Billerica, MA

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