About Qian:


Hello and welcome to my website where I share my art.  I am  Qian Hegarty, the owner and lead photographer of Q Hegarty Photography Weddings & Portraits.  Let me start off with how to pronounce my name correctly.  I am originally from China.  Qian is a Chinese name.  No one could pronounce it correctly expect the ones who speak Chinese.  It sounds as “Chan”.  I have been called in many different ways.  I am used to it.  I know it’s hard to pronounce it by looking at the spelling.  However, I love and I never corrected is as my clients call me “Q”.  Maybe it is because my business name is “Q Hegarty Photography”.  Or maybe it is just easier to call me when they don’t know how to say my name.  LOL…  Anyway, I found it is really cute.


I am  located in a beautiful little town, bordered with Nashua, NH called Dunstable, MA .  I started my photography career as a portrait photographer, photographing newborns, maternity, high school senior portraits and engagement portraits.   However, to be a wedding photographer has been my dream and ultimate goal.  Studying portrait photography has been an absolutely fantastic stepping stone for me to explore wedding photography world.  Now I am here where I wanted to be. Being a wedding photographer.

This may sound odd!  But my love for photography stems from regrets.  I regret that I don’t have images in hand that artistically reflect some of the biggest milestones in my life.  

I don’t have senior portraits because I grew up in China.  The concept of senior portraits did not exist.  I do not have beautiful mother to-be photos.  I felt uncomfortable getting a maternity shoot done.   And I regret that I don’t have any gorgeous and creative newborn pictures of my two beautiful daughters.  I also regret that I didn’t hire a professional photographer because of my small budget for wedding. 

Most of these come from the fact that I didn’t like being photographed.  Or I didn’t have the right opportunity.  When I look back, I realized I missed out on so many beautiful and meaningful moments. 

I DO NOT want others to have the same regrets!   

Capturing the love for each other through couple’s eyes, the emotional parents, guests and many more fun, joyful moments through out your wedding day is my photography passions.  I feel privileged to photograph the moments that people will cherish forever.  I am committed to providing images that are exceptionally captured in a timeless manner – the aim is to leave you smiling anytime you see these pictures, whether it is for the first time or years down the road!

Whether it’s your exciting engagement, your big wedding day, newborn, graduating teen, expectant mom, together we will capture this special time in your lives — so it will stay with you always.

I hope to connect with you and discuss how I could help you on your wedding day!  Please contact Qian for consultation!  Don’t forget to check out the honest reviews from our clients!