Boston Wedding Photographer – Groton Dunstable, MA Region

Wedding is a beginning of happily ever after.

Every moment is a sparkle of joy and blessing, showering down on you.

Capture them, treasure them for a lifetime to come.

Q Hegarty Photography weddings and portraits, photographer in Gronton, MA

Hi there!

I'm Qian.  You can call me "Q".  I got this cute nick name from my clients. You can tell me how you would pronounce myname when we chat.  You could be very close.

I'm easy going, funny, spontaneous and emotional sometimes, maybe all the time as my husband claims.  I would shed a few tears when I listen to very personal or

intimate vows, or the heart melting toasts and blessings.  I often get over  excited when I see beautiful, thoughtful wedding details, like it's my wedding, HAHA...

Want to know more about me?